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About Us

Our story

Sharenet's history stretches back to 1988 when the company was founded to fill a gap in the South African financial marketplace - namely, to provide real-time JSE share prices to the public on a subscription basis. In the decades that followed Sharenet has invested heavily in its technology infrastructure, motivated by a commitment to provide traders and investors, both individuals and institutions, with the cutting-edge tools they need to trade successfully on the South African stock market.

A full suite of investment products and services

Sharenet's investment in technology and product innovation continues today and, in addition to its reputation for excellent customer service and value for money, the company is known as a trusted provider of:

  • Market data
  • Market tools
  • Trading platforms for both Securities and CFDs
  • Investment products
  • Trading and investment workshops
  • Investor Relations services for listed companies
  • SENS
  • World and market news

Never content with the status quo, Sharenet is actively expanding its product and services offering via internal R&D and synergy partnerships.

Online presence

Sharenet's online portal,, is the touch point for all its products and services, serving millions of page impressions each month to visitors and clients who rely on the site for their up-to-date market information. This high-net-worth captive audience provides marketers with a unique platform from which to speak to potential and existing customers.

Looking forward

In 2016 Sharenet evolved further by becoming The Sharenet Group of Companies (PTY) Ltd, with the stated vision of opening up the South African investment market to international investors and the international market to South African investors.

As Sharenet continues to evolve and grow the company will keep exploring innovative ways to improve and expand investment and trading opportunities for its clients.

The company's strap line - 'Your key to investing' - succinctly expresses Sharenet's operating philosophy, namely the creation of investing opportunities through innovation and financial intelligence.