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Sabvest interim results June 2018

20/07 Gross income from operations and investemnts more tha doubled to R227.2 million (R83.5 million). Net income for the period attributable to equity shareholders also shot up t R160.0 million (R54.3 million).. . .  Full story

Global interim results May 2018

17/07 Revenue for the interim period decreased to R93.3 million (2017: R102.1 million). Income from operations fell to R12.1 million (2017: R20.4 million). Total profit attributable to equity holders of the parent. . .  Full story

PBT Group final results March 2018

16/07 Revenue from continuing operations lowered to R556.1 million (R563.8 million) whilst operating loss widened to R118.1 million (loss of R15.1 million). Loss attributable to owners came to R188.1 million (profit of. . .  Full story

New Frontier quarterly results May 2018

13/07 Rental income for the quarter lowered to GBP4.6 million (GBP4.7 million). Total comprehensive income for the period decreased to GBP858 000 (GBP 2 million). Furthermore, headline earnings per share decreased to. . .  Full story

DAWN final results March 2018

12/07 Revenue for the year lowered to R3.478 billion (2017: R4.300 billion), gross profit fell to R698.1 million (2017: R759.6 million), operating loss narrowed to R329.8 million (2017: loss of R482.3 million),. . .  Full story

Atleaf quarterly results May 2018

11/07 Revenue for the quarter increased to GBP6.6 million (2017: GBP6 million), operating income decreased to GBP5.161 million (2017: GBP5.244 million), profit for the period jumped to GBP4.5 million (2017: GBP3.3 million),. . .  Full story